This is Now

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘mindfulness’ lately (note the irony) and am coming to realise the power in actually putting it into practice. Paying attention to the present moment invites a joy that is often hindered by dwelling too much on the past or being much too concerned by the future. Lately I have become more … Continue reading This is Now

Out of Season

I recently came across Marie Kondo’s work and her inspiring philosophy on how tidying up can transform your life. As such, I went on a mission to implement her advice by de-cluttering my wardrobe (a task that was well overdue). Since leaving the corporate world at the end of last year, I hadn’t quite considered this sort of … Continue reading Out of Season

Bright Forces

As different as each of us are from one another, there is one thing that unites us all: our desire for human connection. This past month has been an eye-opening one for me, not so much in relation to my business pursuits but more so emotionally and spiritually – matters of the heart, if you … Continue reading Bright Forces

The Case for Clarity

I have come to the realisation that I often over-complicate my life. As I wander through this transition period in my career, I am making some deep discoveries about my thought and feeling processes. The main problems attributed to this idea of excess, not in the luxurious sense, but rather in supply. By this I mean; I have … Continue reading The Case for Clarity

With Jesus

I was up until 4.00am last night (this morning) writing music. It has become a terrible habit but I just cannot seem to shake inspiration at the odd times in which it finds me. In last night’s songwriting binge, I penned 5 songs on my guitar in the Praise & Worship genre – which has been … Continue reading With Jesus

Beyond Fear

In the increasingly fast-paced and chaotic world of digital marketing, I often find myself disoriented with overwhelm, struggling to make sense of all of the moving parts that seem to demand so much from me – technologies I should be mastering, apps I should be downloading and social platforms I should be leveraging. As wonderful as the Internet is with its richness of information … Continue reading Beyond Fear